My Great Surrender Part II

Not only had I began to notice this darkness within me, but in others around me. As I continued my daily practice of gratefulness and surrender, I saw my relationships began to change. I became more affected by the abusive nature of those I had been so close to and how I had learned many of those tendencies myself. My desire to change myself was expressed by trying to bring awareness and change to others, but I soon realized that it was a futile effort.

Before I knew it, I became estranged from my family and secluded from almost everyone I knew. Part of me was freaking out because the safety net I had known all my life was suddenly removed. Aside from the deep connection with my wife, I felt truly alone in this world. But there was something within me that brought a sense of calm and safety during this transition.

This was a very uncomfortable and painful experience in my life. Still, I continued to release my judgments and perceptions as I worked to do for several months and rely on life to sort this out. I had not forgotten the pain that brought me to this place of surrender in my life, and I was not about to go back to living that way.

Only a few short weeks after this occurred, something extraordinary happened. My life entered a new era. My business began to thrive as never before. My marriage became healthier and more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. My relationships with my children strengthened and became healthy and fulfilling. The dreams I had held for so many years before my great surrender began to manifest.

It was like my life became a magic show that produced supernatural experiences and expressions. My system, Fight Back, began to unfold through me, and the healing I had searched for throughout my life began to occur. No longer did I have to fight my way through life, but rather life took care of everything for me. I still had to do my work and take the steps, but the struggles I had faced in the past were no longer part of the journey.

I began to understand life and myself on a much deeper level than ever before, all without trying to make it happen. I learned to allow things to happen in my life rather than try to force them. This was a much more successful approach for me. In fact, it was the only successful approach for me.

I began this journey out of desperation and defeat. My pain grew stronger than my will. Surrendering was scary at first, but I was more afraid to continue living my life in the same dysfunctional way as I always had. Little did I know, instead of losing everything and ending up at the bottom of life’s existence, I would begin receiving everything I truly ever wanted.

Now, I live as a conduit for this system of life to express itself through me as it sees fit. I still struggle with my ego and work to release it as much as I can in every situation. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. I’ve learned that being consistent in my personal growth and surrender allows me to live and love freely and more abundantly.

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