Change Your Reality

Most people believe that what they see in this world is really what’s happening. They believe their eyes, like a camera, are recording things as they are. And most don’t even think to question this. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

At first, this may sound like an absurd claim. “What do you mean what I see with my own eyes isn’t really what’s there?” Imagine yourself and twenty others watching an event. Each of you will walk away with a different experience or story of precisely what you saw.

I often say that what we look at and what we see are two very different things. To understand this, it’s necessary to learn about how the inner mechanics within your subconscious mind work to create that picture you see outside of yourself. Your subconscious mind is like a storage unit filled with all the information you have learned, been taught, and experienced throughout your life.

One of its primary jobs is to ensure your survival. It does this by creating associations and patterns that allow you to quickly identify the external stimulus and utilize it most effectively according to how it has learned to use it. We call this perception. Your perception then becomes the reflection you see in the external events expressed back to you for identification and utilization purposes. What you see outside of yourself is not what you are looking at but rather a reflection of your internal perception. This is why you and the twenty others watching an event have a different viewpoint and experience with it.

If you want to change your reality in life, you must change your subconscious mind’s internal associations rather than external circumstances. If you only address your external events, you will find yourself repeating the same patterns, maybe in a different way, thus recreating the same or similar experiences. This is typical for most people.

I have worked with many people over the years who have changed everything they could in their lives, including their homes, friends, family, jobs, etc. while still returning to the same state of unhappiness, anxiety, depression, or other dysfunctional patterns. Because no matter what they change outside of them, their inner world is still the same. And the inner world is what creates your outer world experiences. After all, wherever you go, there you are.

To change this, you must begin to work with the inner mechanics of the subconscious mind. This takes tools and techniques that you can use with your conscious mind powerful enough to break through the barrier to the subconscious mind. There are many ways of doing this, such as self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion, or the tools and techniques I share in my book Fight Back. Alternatively, you could hire someone like a coach to help you transform these things.

A decisive first step to changing your reality is to practice greater levels of awareness. In my book, I talk about taking the witness stand. This is a state of observation rather than judgment. Begin to observe the inner voice and its judgments. Begin to study your behaviors and patterns to learn more about yourself. This can give you clues to how your internal mechanics are working to create your experiences and reality in life.

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