Managing Inner Chaos During Uncertain Times

One of the biggest struggles people experience in life is dealing with the uncertainty of the future. It’s one of the primary factors driving anxiety. We have difficulty with the unknown because we feel unsure of what to do, interrupting our internal sense of safety called psychological security.

When we feel uncertain about something in our life, our minds work to formulate a story or idea to give us an internal sense of control and security in the uncertainty. When things don’t go according to that idea developed in our minds, we become anxious. At the root of all this is fear. Understanding this is a significant key in managing or eliminating dysfunctional coping skills and habits and transforming them into growth opportunities.

Merely forgetting about or distracting yourself from these negative thought patterns, emotions, and experiences are not the answer to achieving peace amid uncertainty. We must satisfy our inner system of psychological security. The way I have learned and teach my clients to achieve this is through the truth. As simple as that sounds, it’s not always easy.

Let’s think for a moment about truth and how we can apply it in uncertainty to help us eliminate or manage the anxiety we experience in the uncertainty of the world today. One truth that you may not have thought about or recognized is that you are resilient and can get through anything that comes your way in life. You may ask, “how can you say that without even knowing me?” The answer is simple. And I can prove it.

If you are reading this right now, that means you have made it through everything you have ever been through; all the small things, and all the big stuff. Maybe you didn’t make it through the way you wanted, or you could have done some things differently, but you did make it through. If there were even the slightest thing you didn’t make it through, you wouldn’t be around right now to read this.

Let’s break that statement down a little further. I said you “can” make it through anything. This speaks to your abilities. Many people align their capabilities with their beliefs, and that’s why they are so debilitated. They don’t believe in themselves and their abilities. But you have the ability to make it through anything life brings to you. There are not many things you can’t do.

You may not have the skill level or knowledge to accomplish something, but you can learn and grow your skills. Therefore, you have the ability, just not the skill. There are many other truths that you can use to bring a sense of security and certainty to yourself as you flow through the currents of life. One of the fundamental understandings you must come to when using the truth to clear anxieties, fears and drive a sense of peace during uncertain times is that truth has nothing to do with your feelings and emotions.

Your feelings and emotions are your body’s response to your thought patterns. When you think of a happy thought, you feel a happy emotion. When you think of a sad thought, you feel a sad emotion. When you think of a fearful thought, you feel afraid. You are not always aware of your thoughts, which is one reason your feelings exist; to bring awareness to your conscious mind of your dominating thought patterns.

When you align your mind with the truth, your negative and painful emotions will subside. Truth will set you free. Truth never hurts. Truth is not subjective and different for every person; it is universal. Many confuse facts with truth. They are not the same. I challenge you to begin thinking about truth in your life. What is and has always been the truth for and about you? Use these truths to help you manage your thoughts and emotions during these uncertain times in our world. Here are a few truths that may help you get started:

The truth is, you are resilient and can get through anything that comes your way in life; you always have.

The truth is, regardless of what happens, you will be okay on the other side of each event, circumstance, or situation.

The truth is, you have everything you need to make sure all your needs get met.

The truth is, you have the strength to overcome every challenge, struggle, obstacle, or adversity you encounter in life.

The truth is, you can change your life. You can begin a new path with new choices, regardless of where you are now.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments and questions below. If this message has spoken to you, share it with others who may benefit as well.

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