The Practice of Faith

One of the most effective practices I have ever learned is faith. Growing up in a religious atmosphere, I was taught that faith was all about believing in something you can’t see or explain and that even questioning these ideas is wrong. I have since learned that faith isn’t about believing in something you can’t see or explain. Faith can be seen and defined when it is practiced consistently.

Faith goes far beyond an idea, concept, and even a specific set of religious beliefs. I have come to learn and understand faith as a continuous practice of surrender to the forces of life. The more I practice the law of faith, the more I understand just how little my influence is on the unfolding of life’s external events.

There are a few questions that have led me to understand the importance and practicality of surrendering to life. The first is, “what is life?” This seems like a simple question, yet I’ve never heard any answers, much less any good explanations that provide real clarity. We can only speculate based on what we have come to learn up to this point. But how much do we really know? How much don’t we know?

If we don’t really know what life is, why do we walk around holding the idea that life should be this or that way? Where did we come up with the idea that we know what should and shouldn’t happen? And when things don’t happen the way we think they should according to the ideas we have decided to hold onto in our minds for whatever reason, we tend to get angry, frustrated, and become victimized by our own story.

It’s silly if you take the time to think about it. If something happens in life, how can we say that it shouldn’t have when it did? Did life make a mistake? Does life make mistakes? Sure, mistakes are made in life, but are they made by life? Furthermore, mistakes are teachers that help us grow and evolve into greater versions and expressions of ourselves, so are they not part of how the system functions and operates naturally?

The result of trying to control life and the unfolding of external events is pain and suffering. Have you ever noticed the more you try to control life, the more out of control you feel? Yet we have become so accustomed to doing this we continue to try and fail over and over. The solution to this dilemma is the practice of faith, which is the practice of surrender.

Life has always taken care of you. If you’re reading this right now, you can only conclude that life has made sure your needs have been met. Maybe you struggled in life or went through things that you wish you didn’t, but you still made it. You’re still here.

Many people say they practice faith but then turn around and complain about life and its events. They worry all the time about others and if things are going to turn out okay. That is not faith. It doesn’t mean that you will never worry or go through everyday human experiences when you practice faith. It just means that you’re no longer trying to control events’ outcomes.

When you begin to practice faith and surrender in life, you will find a new world opening up that will take you further than your mind ever could. New worlds within you will emerge of freedom, peace, happiness, and love. It will begin unfolding for you without your help. You will continue to have work to do, but it will become inspired work. You will still have choices to make, but they will become inspired choices. Judgment will fall away, and life will become magical.

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