A Life of Thanksgiving

This week we take the time to acknowledge those whom we are thankful for and the things in our lives we appreciate. We have set aside time to commune and gather for the sake of just being present and enjoying the pieces that make up the puzzle of our lives. Our priorities seem to be temporarily shifted from the usual everyday hustle and bustle to soaking in the beauty expressed in our lives.

We have become accustomed to overlooking these things regularly through complacency. But when you gather this year to give thanks for your families and friends, take a moment to ask yourself why this day is different from the rest. To ponder why we’re not living like this regularly.

When did work and the static of life become more important than simply enjoying life and celebrating our own existence? When did we reach the point of having to set aside a special holiday to bring our awareness back to the most important things in life? Why have we become so accustomed to forgetting rather than remembering the gift and beauty of life?

Just a few days ago, my wife and I talked about how we celebrate so much. Not necessarily through wine or big gatherings, but through recognition and basking in the joy of life together. We have learned to celebrate our small successes and accomplishments as well as the big ones. We try to treat others as if we may never see them again.

When we live a life of thanksgiving, we invite the spirit of joy and love to walk with us throughout the process of living. We believe that everything in life is a gift and serves a greater purpose whether we know it at the time or not. When we nurture gratefulness and thanksgiving and cultivate an internal environment that supports it daily, life begins to unfold in more extraordinary ways.

Think of it as a frequency that when you tune into you begin to see and experience it more throughout your life. Living a life of thanksgiving is a practice that can change your world and allow you to live more fully and freely. Begin to live a life of thanksgiving by taking just a few minutes each morning and evening to think about all the many things you are grateful for in your life.

There is no need to overcomplicate this process by trying to think of all the big or significant things in your life. You may be grateful for your phone, wallet, socks, and shoes, or even just the pillow that supports your head at night. Try this for the next 30 days and see what a difference it can make in your life.

If this message has spoken to you, share it with others so they may benefit as well.

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