Releasing Judgment

What is life? To ponder such a question can take us down many rabbit holes, but nobody can truly answer it. We just know we are here, experiencing ourselves and this world in which we exist. Yet, we tend to judge situations, circumstances, conditions, and people as if we know what’s really going on here. It’s quite silly and many times far from logical when you take the time to think about it.

Our judgments come from our perspective, which comes from our belief systems based on what we have been taught or learned throughout life. We’ve learned to do something this way or that way, or that when we perform a specific action, it produces a specific result. When things don’t follow the patterns we have learned or come to expect from the past of what “should” or “should not” happen, we make a judgment against it. We think, “oh, that’s not the way it should be,” or “they should have done this or that” or even “that’s not supposed to happen.”

But the reality is that our judgments only come from what we have learned based on what we have experienced in our life. Imagine all the experiences you haven’t had or learned from. At this point, we must question whether our past learning serves as the most effective filtration system to continue judging all that life entails or if we’d be better served with a fluid mindset that is open to learning new patterns and outcomes.

When we take the time to break down and think about our thought patterns and belief systems, we begin to understand a more profound, more freeing way of living. We begin to expand our minds to include miracles all around us at any given time. And miracles begin with a shift in perception. The first step to achieving this is coming to a new understanding of ourselves and life that leads to acceptance and faith. The faith I speak about is not restricted to a religious context but instead rooted in the system of life in which we exist.

Pain is inevitable as a human. Suffering is optional when you become aware of what’s perpetuating the cycles. Suffering comes from the stories and judgments we attach to situations, events, and experiences. It’s necessary to recognize that our judgments are responsible for almost all the suffering we endure. Life is currently the way it is and the way it is supposed to be. To say or think anything different would be a belief that life makes mistakes, and we’re merely just victims of its incompetence. This is far from the truth and will lead to more significant pain and suffering if you continue to buy into it.

Releasing judgments will lead to greater peace, joy, and happiness. Not just releasing judgments about others and the externals in life, but also of the judgments you have held against yourself. This is really where the work has to be done. When we no longer keep judgment against ourselves, we will no longer judge others. The way to achieve this is through daily practice and reinforcement. It’s really all about strategy and implementation. Learn more in my book Fight Back: End the Cycles of Anxiety and Depression.

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