What Will They Say About You?

Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize or imagine attending your own funeral. Notice everyone who showed up and their demeanor. Imagine each one of these people standing up and sharing their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about you. What would they say? Would they talk about how great of a friend or person you were? About how you would help others? About how positive of an impact you made in your lifetime?

Did you like what you saw? Were you satisfied with the legacy you left? Did you accomplish what your heart truly desired? This can be a powerful exercise to give us insight into how we are choosing to live our lives and the impact it has on others. So often, we get caught up in the details of life’s happenings, and we forget about the bigger picture or how we are impacting the world around us.

If you weren’t satisfied with what you saw, how can you change it? What can you begin to do today to make a greater impact in this world? Not everyone is meant to do great big things, but we are all meant to do great things. We are all meant to be a blessing and source of love for others on this earth. We are all meant to try to make a difference positively during our time here on earth.

Sometimes this is difficult and seemingly impossible as we flow through the ups and downs of life, but it’s not impossible to try. It’s not impossible to be kind and compassionate towards our brothers and sisters. It’s not impossible to try to be a good human. It’s not impossible to work on this every day. Sure, it can be difficult and exhausting in a world filled with chaos to not become part of the chaos and confusion. And there are many justifications as to why you should become part of it. But if you take some time to think about whether or not you’re really happy doing that or if you really want that to be part of your legacy, you may just find that it’s not in-line with who you genuinely want to be and how you truly want to live your life.

Life can be short. It’s essential to pay attention to what you are doing and who you are being. One of the greatest mistakes people make in life is waiting to change and do what they truly want. People tend to think they will always have more time and they’ll get to it later. Then, later never comes. I once heard that the graveyard is the most valuable place on earth. It’s where all the dreams, goals, aspirations, great ideas, and potential that were never used or expressed go to die with the people who were meant to bring them to the world.

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