The Gift of Christmas

For some, Christmas is a time of joy, love, sharing, and celebration. For others, it is a dreaded holiday filled with depression and bad memories that they wish would be over as quickly as it came. Not to mention the stress of trying to buy gifts that everyone is going to like or even having the money to buy gifts for the people they love.

A typical answer I receive when I ask people if they are looking forward to Christmas is, “I’ll just be glad when all this is over! All the shopping, fighting crowds of people, and so on. It’s so stressful!” Does this sound familiar? Most of us are or know someone who experiences Christmas this way. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many things to take advantage of during this time of celebration that can significantly impact our lives.

What is so special about Christmas? Well, there are so many beautiful responses that one could give. The birth of the most influential teacher this world has ever known, Jesus Christ. A season that is engulfed in love, joy, and happiness. Or even a time when we acknowledge the gift of giving rather than focusing on what we are receiving.

Whatever it is you’re doing during this time of celebration, make sure you take advantage of the energy of love and the spirit of joy that seems to be endless and abundantly available to us all. When you do, you will begin to realize that the Christmas spirit comes to raise our consciousness of love and help us become better people.

It comes to teach us the power of giving and connecting to others. To teach us that there is so much love, joy, and beauty within each of us and the world. It’s the time when miracles happen because our minds are open to receiving on greater levels. But we have to shift our perspective if we want to receive and experience the miracles of Christmas.

It’s like the movie about the Grinch. With a closed heart, he walked around miserable and jealous of everyone in the Christmas spirit. The more he fed into the lies and distortions in his mind, the more miserable he became. But, with a shift in his perspective, his heart opened and grew. He began to experience the love and joy he had blocked out all those years because he wouldn’t allow himself to forgive or let go of some past events.

The lessons in this movie are two-fold. First, to remind us to have an open heart to receive the Christmas spirit and enjoy a time of love, joy, and happiness. Second, to share it with others that may need some help during this time. Those who have closed their heart because of past trauma and pain. Those who reject love and joy but so desperately need someone to be patient and unwilling to give up on them because their defenses are so resistant, which is due to fear of being vulnerable.

I challenge you to open your heart this Christmas season and join me in sharing the gift of love, joy, and happiness in a world that so desperately needs it. To be a beacon of light in these seemingly dark times we have all been going through to those who need some help. Let us all embrace and share the true gift of Christmas this year. God bless and Merry Christmas.

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