A New Year’s Resolution – Pt. II

Most of us learn to focus on our goals. We hear things like, “keep your eye on the ball. Focus on the results. Visualize yourself at your goal.” While these things sound good, they’re not very practical when setting and reaching goals. It’s important to know what you want to create and how you want to experience your life and to be focused enough not to let yourself forget it. But focusing on the results you want to produce in life is not what will create them.

There is only one thing that creates results in life: process. Every result you produce in life comes through a process because everything in life follows the law of process, and for a good reason. Most people think of the process as related to material things or actions, but the process is also about you as a person and how you are expressing yourself. Not only is your outer world changing, but also your inner world. As I mentioned in Part I, you must become something different to produce something different. The process is all about reshaping yourself as well as the world around you.

Living in a world where we manifest faster than ever before, we tend to struggle with the patience required to move through the process effectively. We want things now. We don’t like to wait. While it’s understandable, it’s not practical or realistic. If you’re going to live your life without debilitating anxiety or depression, you must go through the process of learning new coping skills, retraining your brain to produce a new result, and learn how to express yourself in a new way that doesn’t include anxiety and depression.

As difficult as this may sound or seem, it’s as easy or difficult as anything else. The truth is that the level of difficulty we have with change is only a reflection of our resistance to letting go of what holds us back from the change we desire to make or achieve. The degree to which we use our willpower to muster up our mental and emotional strength in times of temptation, urge, or desires will determine how successful we will be in our venture.

We must begin to understand that reaching our goals is a journey of transformation that can only be taken one step at a time. We cannot skip the stages of growth. We can speed it up by investing in growth-oriented activities that allow us to exercise our minds and spirit, but we cannot skip them. If we do, we cannot sustain the results we have created.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through mindfulness or awareness. To achieve this, we can begin to train our minds to focus on the present moment. The present moment is the only moment that exists, so this is where we can be most effective and productive in our growth and achievements. It’s where you can manage the process and draw from your personal power to help you achieve your goals. You can find this information in Part II of Fight Back.

As you set and begin to work toward your goals this year, take the necessary time to map it out based on growth (part I of this blog) and process-orientation. Prepare for the mental and emotional challenges that are sure to arise, and keep in mind that you are undergoing a transformation process within, which can be difficult. Use discernment (Fight Back: chapter 10) as you go through the terror barrier and change process. And don’t forget to enjoy the unfolding of a new and improved you!

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