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Mike Oglesbee

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A New Year’s Resolution – Pt. II

Most of us learn to focus on our goals. We hear things like, “keep your eye on the ball. Focus on the results. Visualize yourself at your goal.” While these things sound good, they’re not very practical when setting and reaching goals. It’s important to know what you want to create and how you want

A New Year’s Resolution – Pt. I

This is the time of year where many people begin to explore New Year’s resolutions. We reflect on our growth and accomplishments from the past year and our lessons and struggles as we sift through life’s options and our desires. We focused on new ways of experiencing and expressing ourselves, packed full of excitement and

What Will They Say About You?

Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize or imagine attending your own funeral. Notice everyone who showed up and their demeanor. Imagine each one of these people standing up and sharing their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about you. What would they say? Would they talk about how great of a friend or person

Releasing Judgment

What is life? To ponder such a question can take us down many rabbit holes, but nobody can truly answer it. We just know we are here, experiencing ourselves and this world in which we exist. Yet, we tend to judge situations, circumstances, conditions, and people as if we know what’s really going on here.

The Truth Serum

From a young age, most people are taught their value and worthiness come from what they do or how well they accomplish their tasks. When a child cleans their room or does well on their test, they are rewarded with praise, special attention, gifts, or accolades. But when a child doesn’t follow through or do

A Life of Thanksgiving

This week we take the time to acknowledge those whom we are thankful for and the things in our lives we appreciate. We have set aside time to commune and gather for the sake of just being present and enjoying the pieces that make up the puzzle of our lives. Our priorities seem to be

The Practice of Faith

One of the most effective practices I have ever learned is faith. Growing up in a religious atmosphere, I was taught that faith was all about believing in something you can’t see or explain and that even questioning these ideas is wrong. I have since learned that faith isn’t about believing in something you can’t

Managing Inner Chaos During Uncertain Times

One of the biggest struggles people experience in life is dealing with the uncertainty of the future. It’s one of the primary factors driving anxiety. We have difficulty with the unknown because we feel unsure of what to do, interrupting our internal sense of safety called psychological security. When we feel uncertain about something in

Change Your Reality

Most people believe that what they see in this world is really what’s happening. They believe their eyes, like a camera, are recording things as they are. And most don’t even think to question this. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. At first, this may sound like an absurd claim. “What do you

My Great Surrender Part II

Not only had I began to notice this darkness within me, but in others around me. As I continued my daily practice of gratefulness and surrender, I saw my relationships began to change. I became more affected by the abusive nature of those I had been so close to and how I had learned many